Meet the Staff

The staff at Chicago Park School is made up of caring, open-minded, and committed individuals. We have a long history, shaped by dedicated people enriching the minds of future generations.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
– Benjamin Franklin

A Word From Our Principal

“I have always dreamed of being part of a small school with a strong sense of community. I guess dreams do come true.”
– Katie Kohler

Learning is Fun.

So is Teaching!

Katie Kohler

image of principal

Email: Mrs. Kohler 
Phone: Ext. 202

Why Chicago Park: I think Chicago Park is the best! It makes me happy to come to work everyday!

Where you grew up: Grass Valley

Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Camping, gardening, traveling, and cooking

Favorite food: Pizza

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: Lake Tahoe because it is so beautiful and there is so much to do up there

Jenna Kross

1st Grade Teacher
Email: Mrs. Kross 
Phone: Ext. 205

Why Chicago Park: I love the Chicago Park community! It is my alma mater and it has been so special to return as a teacher. 

Where you grew up: Chicago Park

Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Gardening, crafting, hiking, cooking and organizing.  

Favorite food: Tacos

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: I want to explore the rainforests in Costa Rica.


Audra Delany

4th Grade Teacher

Email: Mrs. Delany 
Phone: Ext. 214

Why Chicago Park: I have chosen to teach at Chicago Park because it embodies what I think school should be. Chicago Park is very much like Ophir School where I went to school growing up. It is a small, country, K-8 with small classes and an old fashioned feel. People here are warm, welcoming and appreciative of hard work. Chicago Park is my happy place!

Where you grew up: I am originally from the foothills (Ophir) and I went Placer High School.

Education: BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, CLAD Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Francisco State

When I’m not teaching, I love to read, cook, and spend time with my family. I also love mowing the lawn (I know, weird!).

My favorite food is a burrito.

I would like to visit a small island in the Bahamas called Spanish Wells for a vacation. It looks how I imagine an island paradise would look.

Bonnie Bellefontaine

2nd Grade Teacher

Email: Mrs. Bellefontaine 
Phone Ext: 208

Why Chicago Park: I love Chicago Park School’s strong sense of community and that it is located in the beautiful countryside!  

Where you grew up: Colfax, CA

Hobbies/Activities outside of work: In my free time I enjoy anything outdoorsy! Skiing/snowboarding, hiking, boating, biking and traveling are among my favorite activities.

Favorite food: Any type of seafood!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: Alaska’s amazing scenery and wildlife definitely make it a place that I would love to visit someday.

Dana Winquest

Administrative Secretary

Email: Mrs. Winquest 
Phone: Ext. 215

Why Chicago Park: I love kids and the Chicago Park School Community

Where you grew up: Chicago Park. Yep, I attended Chicago Park School

Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Hiking, reading, spending time with family, roller coasters, volunteer work

Favorite food: Indian and other spicy foods

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: Africa. To volunteer and they have really cool animals!

Holly Lutkemuller

TK/K Teacher

Email: Mrs. Lutkemuller 

Phone: Ext. 206

I chose Chicago Park because it is in the community that I love! I love CPS because of the strong community, the beautiful setting and the supportive staff. Everyone works together to ensure the success and well-being of everyone at school.

Where you grew up: Meadow Vista, CA

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy long backpacking trips with no cell service, yoga, hiking, skiing and spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite food: Sushi

If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Japan. I am so fascinated by the Japanese culture and would love to ski in Hokkaido!

Bob Schmitt


Email: Mr. Schmitt

Why Chicago Park: The kids, the grounds, the teachers and the administrators

Where you grew up: Marin County

Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Hiking, traveling with wife, and dogs.

Favorite food: Chips, hamburgers, banana ice cream

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: Australia because I want to pick up their accent mate!

Lindsay Martinez

3rd Grade Teacher

Email: Mrs. Martinez

I chose Chicago Park School because I went to a small school like CPS when I was younger and it is so nostalgic to me. I love the small class sizes and the beautiful setting. The fact that I live in this community and that my kids will be on campus make it extra special.  
I was born and raised in Napa, attended college in San Diego, and moved around quite a bit until my husband and I made the best decision to settle in Chicago Park with our two kids.  
In my free time, I love to camp, spend time outdoors, paddle board at Lake Rollins, garden, travel, read, cook/bake and do art projects with my daughter.  
My favorite type of food is definitely sushi, with Mexican food following closely behind. For dessert, give me anything lemony! 
If I could go anywhere in the world, Bali is high on my list. I’ve studied/lived in France and traveled the world quite a bit (19 countries!), but I’ve never been to Indonesia and it has always intrigued me. 

Phone Ext: 209

Amy Chizek

Business Official

Email Ms. Chizek

Extension: 203

Andy Brooding

5th Grade Teacher / Basketball Coach

Robin Fields

Instructional Aide
robin fields

William Omer

Academy Teacher
Phone Ext: 211
 My name is William Omer, and I grew up in both New Jersey and Southern California. Outside of teaching, I love hockey, the wilderness, and going to the park with my wife Magee and our two boys. I enjoy a good coffee paired with a breakfast burrito. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would visit Canada to hang out with my grandmother. 

Robin Johnston

Special Education Director
Phone Ext: 220
Why Chicago Park: Chicago Park is my home. Since the day I started working here, I knew that I could never leave. We have the best staff, best parents, and the best community. Everyone is here for the kids and the kids are amazing!
Where you grew up: I grew up in a small town called Gerber. I loved swimming with my friends, playing softball, and riding horses. I attended Red Bluff High School where I was a cheerleader, a volleyball player, and a student council member. I have very fond memories of high school.
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Outside of work, I love to be with my family. I have one son and one daughter.  I. have two grandsons and one granddaughter. I enjoy going to concerts, hiking, and reading. My favorite topic to read about is Abraham Lincoln. 
Favorite food: My favorite meal would be biscuits and gravy.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to my cabin. It is the place I love the most and I can relax and get back to nature.

Stephanie Nagy

Phone Ext: 201

Jad Funk

IT Guy
Phone Ext: 218

Michelle Stroud

Academy Teacher

Why Chicago Park: I chose to teach at Chicago Park because of the small, community atmosphere. My oldest daughter graduated 8th grade from here in 2020 and the school made it so special. My other two daughters attend Chicago Park School as well and love the small class sizes and access to a garden class. 

Where you grew up: I was born in Bremerton, WA and spent a few years there but lived in Mississippi, Virginia, and by middle school ended up at Chicago Park School. I was only here for a short time and went to many other schools in the area while eventually settling in Alta Sierra.

Education: BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Music and minor in Religion from Vanguard University in 1999. I just finished my Master of Arts in Teaching from William Jessup University in 2022. 

When I’m not teaching, my favorite things to do are hiking, traveling, having fun with my family, baking, biking, gardening and taking photos.

My favorite food is tortellini with white sauce.

I have visited 38 states and 11 countries. I love traveling to new places with my family. Some of my favorite places to visit are Venice, Italy and Glen Arbor, MI.


Maria Bertie

Special Ed Aide, Cafeteria