Wild Ducks and Duckies

Wild Ducks & Duckies

Preschool & Off Hours Care 

15725 Mount Olive Road, Grass Valley, Ca 95975

7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday

Phone: (650)208-9619

At Wild Ducks and Duckies it is our mission to inspire children to become confident individuals by offering an excellent educational preschool program in a safe and loving environment. We strive to maintain a developmentally appropriate setting which fosters individuality, creativity and independence.

The preschool curriculum that we incorporate is Funshine, which provides a large variety of hands on materials and activities to assist children in learning, while developing strong relationships with their peers. Funshine curriculum emphasizes consistency, multi-sensory experiences, exploration and discovery and engages children on a variety of levels. In addition to this curriculum, we integrate engaging activities that frame children’s learning in the sciences, arts, mathematics, writing and reading on a daily basis.

The goal at our center is to provide a strong foundation for each and every child so they can have a smooth academic and social transition into TK and Kindergarten. Together we support each child in their varying abilities, doing our best to create an environment that enhances their physical, social and cognitive growth while encouraging them in becoming empathetic, lifelong learners.

Amy has always loved working with young children. She nannied for more than 10 years right after college. When the opportunity came up to take over Duckies, she knew she had to take it! When Amy is not shaping young minds, she enjoys working out to stay healthy and going on adventures with her family.