Registration and Programs

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How to Register Your Child at Chicago Park


We are currently accepting applications for the current school year. Admission is open to any resident of California who is of legal age to attend public school (e.g., old enough to join kindergarten). For new enrollees of Chicago Park District Residents: if you live in the school district, please complete the enrollment paperwork and submit it to the school office.

Fill out all of the relevant information


Return the form via email

All existing out of district students must submit the annual inter-district attendance agreement to your district of residence. If it is denied, you may still attend our school by enrolling in Chicago Park Community Charter School.

New Enrollees: If you do not live in the District but are interested in attending Chicago Park School, the first step is to complete an inter-district attendance agreement and send it to your district of residence. If it is denied, don’t panic! You may fill out a Chicago Park Community Charter School application and submit it to the District office.

The Lottery and Priority Applications Students are admitted to the charter school based upon the numeric priority scale listed below.

If the number of applications for admission in any grade exceeds the capacity of the school for that grade, once the priority students are admitted, the spaces in that grade will be filled by lottery. Siblings of students currently enrolled in the District. Children of staff/personnel who work in the Chicago Park Elementary School District. Students whose parent’s place of employment is within the School District boundaries. Students whose day care is within the District boundaries. For all others, the lottery drawing for the next school year will be held in a public forum each June if necessary. Students not selected through the lottery process will be placed on a waiting list. If an opening should become available, those on the top of the waiting list (determined by lottery) will be given first choice to attend CPCCS.

After the lottery, families will receive their official enrollment forms and will be informed of the enrollment process. If the number of applications to a grade does not exceed the number of spaces available in that grade, there will be no lottery for that grade, and all students for that grade who submitted qualified applications will be enrolled. In future years, currently enrolled Charter School students will not participate in the random drawing, as they are automatically reserved a space for the following year.

Applications should be submitted to: Chicago Park School District 15725 Mt. Olive Road, Grass Valley, CA

Social Studies

Chicago Park School offers a standards-based social studies program starting in the third grade.

  • 3rd Grade – Communities
  • 4th Grade – California History
  • 5th Grade – U.S. History (Early explorers, Colonies, Revolutionary War, State reports)
  • 6th Grade – Ancient Civilizations
  • 7th Grade – Early Cultures
  • 8th Grade – U.S. History (Developing a new nation, Government, Civil War, Industrial Revolution)

We enrich our social studies programs with traditions at Chicago Park that include “Taste of America,” in 2nd grade and our school wide annual History Extravaganza put on by our 4th-7th grade classes.

" I love history because we get to go on cool field trips & learn about things we didn't know"
4th Grade


In grades K-5 we use Houghton Mifflin’s Go Math Program (2015 adoption) which is aligned with the Common Core Standards. 

We also include a variety of  on-line high interest math programs to meet the individual needs of our students. We supplement these programs with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities that motivate and fully engage our students.

In grades 6-8 we have implemented BIG Ideas Math Program (2015 adoption).  This curriculum focuses on California Common Core Standards.  We combine hands-on project-based learning and traditional math practices to ensure understanding and engagement takes place on a daily basis.  Students are challenged at whatever their math level may be, meeting the needs of students who need remedial support, and those who are ready for Geometry and/or Algebra 2.

"I love math because the answer is a mystery because you have to add or subtract or multiply or divide to find the answer, it is kinda like a puzzle and that is fun."
3rd Grade


Science at Chicago Park is brought to life through experiential labs and hands-on learning, with the ultimate goal of preparing our students for biology and chemistry after graduation.

We have two science labs (one for the primary grades and one for grades 4-8), to assist in the teaching of earth, life, and physical sciences. We also utilize our community garden to effectively teach earth and life sciences at all grade levels.  Teachers are participating in on-going professional development to be prepared to implement the New Generation Science Standards when they are adopted by the state of California in 2018.

"I love science because you have to guess what the answer will be. You have to hypothesize. You have to find the results. It is just really fun. I also love the hands-on activiities."
5th Grade

Enrichment and Extracurriculars


Chicago Park School takes great pride in our sports program. We focus on building skills, boosting self-esteem, and teaching teamwork. All academically and behaviorally eligible students make the team and get playing time. We enjoy a state of the art gymnasium built in 2011 and host most of our league’s games. Over the years, we have had great success playing in the Nevada County Small Schools League.

Boys’ Basketball (6-8)
Girls’ Basketball (6-8)
Girls’ Volleyball (6-8)
Boys’ Volleyball (6-8)
Cross Country (4-8)
Track and Field (4-8)


All grade levels participate in an in-depth art docent program on a monthly basis. Students are exposed to different periods of art history from all over the world, and then have opportunities to work with similar mediums to create their own masterpieces. Docents are enthusiastic parent volunteers who have been formally trained to conduct these lessons.


Physical Education, including health and nutrition is viewed as an important part of a child’s well rounded education at Chicago Park. All TK -3rd grade students participate in P.E. a minimum of two days a week, and 4th – 8th graders engage in P.E. three or four days a week. Facilities include a full-size gymnasium, track, soccer field, baseball diamond, outdoor basketball courts and a nearby off-campus running/walking trail. Health and nutrition curriculum and activities take place during science classes.


We offer a wide variety of trimester long electives twice a week to our 6th- 8th grade students. Examples of electives that have been offered in the past include: beginning Spanish, cooking, sewing, disc golf, cribbage, drama, house design, classic movies, flight school, yearbook, web design, softball, karaoke, sketching, volunteer services and yoga.

We offer an after school homework club for 4th-8th graders, Monday-Thursday from 3:00-3:30. The club offers a quiet, studious environment, facilitated by one of our classroom teachers. This program has proven to be very beneficial for those needing help and guidance, as well as those simply wanting to get a head start on their daily homework.


GATE students in grades 4-8 are offered a variety of opportunities at Chicago Park School. Once a week, an extended school day allows qualified students to be placed in a multi-age setting, and are provided with enrichment projects that challenge their academic strengths.

Examples of enrichment topics include:

LEGO Mindstorms robotics
Stock market simulation
Age of Sail living history
Play production
Toothpick bridge engineering
Oddyssy of the Mind problem solving challenges
Mystery Festival
Electrical Circuitry